What is Duct Coating?

Duct Coating is the only effective procedure for ridding your existing ducts of Mold, Bacteria, Mildew, Pet Odor, Nicotine , and other odors that duct cleaning cannot. Duct restoration is a process where once we clean the flex duct work to where all the loose dust and dirt is gone, the fiberglass portions of your ducts are then vacuumed and treated with a white mold resistant coating. When the procedure is finished your ducts are actually even better than when they were originally installed. 

Air Duct Coating Process
Step 1

Vacuum all of the fiber board sections of the duct work with a smaller HEPA vac. This includes the supply plenum,distribution boxes, and every register's can. Check out the pictures and videos to the right so you can see how a thorough vacuum of fiber board is done. This step is crucial for the coating to be able to bond to the fiberglass, the coating will not bond correctly unless the fiber board surface is completely clean. 

Vacuuming Fiberglass Duct Work With Portable HEPA Vac
Portable HEPA Vac Machine
Step 2

Once all of the fiberglass portion of the duct work is vacuumed thoroughly, we then apply the mold resistent coating to all of the ducts. The result is a magnificent transformation from moldy air ducts to better than new ducts. The air quality in your home immediately ascends to pristeen after this amazing

Air Duct Coating process is completed.

Step 3
Duct Coating

Once the Duct Coating is complete, we seal up all of the access holes that were cut with mastec. We then reinstall of of the grills, and clean up.

Cleaning up any potential mess before leaving

Duct Coating Fouls

Now that we have walked you through the proper way to perform Duct Restoration, we want to alert you on some examples on how not to do it.

Watering Down The Coating

Unfortunately there are some companies who will water down the coating in order to increase their profits. This is an easy tactic to deploy on an unsuspecting customer. Once the coating is compromised the customer is no longer getting the product advertised. You are getting a watered down distorted version of what the original product is supposed to be. Make sure you research who you are hiing.

At South Florida Ducts we are dedicated to giving the customer everything they paid for and then some. When applied correctly, the coating should last 10 years plus without peeling or flaking. 

Applying The Coating Before Thoroughly Vacuuming

Per the coating manufacturer it is of the upmost importance that the fiber board be thoroughly vacuumed before the coating is applied. If the surface of the fiber board is dirty, the coating will not bond like it should. The result will be a sub standard finish that may not even last 2-3 years. South Florida Ducts technicians will always make sure every bit of the fiber board is thoroughly clean before coating. 

Lack Of Preparation And Safety

it is important to understand that the Duct coating is applied just like paint is applied. Airless sprayers are the most common tool used to apply the coating. Drop cloths and plastic must be used to protect floors, walls, furniture, electronics, and paintings. If preparation does not take place, the custmer is sure to have overspray damage in their home.

South Florida Ducts technicians' always prep the job before starting. We lay dropcloths under every vent and lay plastic in all areas that could possibly be affected.

Before and After Pictures

Here some additional pictures of Duct Coating completed by South Florida Ducts ,you can see additional  before and after pictures in our gallery

Air Duct Coating
Air Duct Coating
Duct Restoration
Duct Restoration
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