R-30 Owens Corning Pro Pink L-77 non itch Insulation.
Blown In Attic Insulation
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Did You Know?

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends homes in southern climates have 13-14 inches (R-38) of insulation, but the Insulation Institute estimates almost 90% of homes in South Florida are under-insulated.

That means homeowners everywhere in South Florida are losing money and dealing with uncomfortable temperatures in their houses. Unless you've recently had an insulation upgrade, your home is likely among them. Unfortunately, local building codes only stipulate minimum performance standards, which are far below what home energy experts recognize as necessary today, which is part of how this problem has become so out of control.Call South Florida Ducts for a free estimate on Attic Insulation today!

Clues Of Inadequate Attic Insulation

  1. Rooms directly beneath the attic get too hot in the summer – even though other parts of the home remain cool.

  2. High electric bills 

  3. Less than 10 in. of attic insulation.

  4. Attic ductwork is visible above insulation layer.

Top 3 Benefits Of Attic Insulation

1. Money. You will save it. Any questions? Ok, let's move on.

2. Having a well insulated attic is good for the enviroment. 

3. Protects your home from mold,mildew, and bacteria.

The Product And How We Apply It

The product we use is Owens Corning PROPINK L77

Blow In Attic Insulation
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